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the Illuminati is a secret orginazation of the most powerful and influential elite in the world.They go back for centuries and maintain the same bloodlines.They set up the council on forign relations,the bilderberg group and the tri-laterial commission.those 3 groups all meet to plan the fate of the world.They consists of international bankers,top government officials,leaders in the energy cartel and media monopoly owners and have control over the U.N. and unesco.their subdivisions reach into everyones daily life without most sheeple even being aware of it. They also have ties to the freemasons,skull and bones, and the knights templar.their ultimate goal is for a one world government which they will control,also a one world currency,and they want control and ownership of all land,property,resources and people.Also they manipulate political parties,and the legal and illigal drug trade and federal agencies related to all matters listed above.
rockefeller foundation,ford foundation, carlysle group,J.P.Morgan,oppenhiemer,kuhn leub,federal reserve system and many others involved. check out bloodlines of the illuminati and new world order
by New Rising Sun May 31, 2005
Something ignorant people believe exists.
There is no illuminati conspiracy. Sorry.

The only people who believe in the illuminati are jobless fatass loons who hadn't stepped out of their homes in years.
by i hate douche bags May 10, 2008
A mistooken organization, that failed to exist from 200 years ago. The illuminati was actually a good foundation, that lead to success and victory in the French revolution.

These days, the illuminati is to be known as still "active", when really the illuminati were actually full of Christians, and was a good society to help keep peace and order when all was going mad.

But, the Illuminati was later shut down, after the French Revolution as you see, noone really needed them anymore.

So now, we have idiots walking around going "ERRR ILLUMINATI IS IN EGYPT, I SAW DER PYRAMERDS!" Which is false, and idiots that flash that illumanati sign around in their music videos are idiots as well.

Person 2: Your an idiot, the illuminati died years ago. It's called satan worshipping you darn fool.

by TheCrazedOne March 14, 2012
The Illuminati is an ancient secret society that seeks to bring about a New World Order based on the principle that everyone has it within them to literally become God; and thus raise humanity to a level unparalleled in the history of mankind.
"We are the Illuminati. We are the messengers of the True God. Our sacred mission is to bring humanity into full union with the True God so that there is no longer any distinction between the human race and the divine essence. We are able to show how this can be achieved using Einstein's theories of special and general relativity, and quantum mechanics. It's time for humanity to open its eyes and see the divine light for the first time. Our religion is called Illumination. We have emerged from the shadows to cast the light of Abraxas, the True God, on this benighted world; to bring Illumination - enlightenment - to everyone.
by February 24, 2011
1) Unbelievable; but possible because true belief the world is run by a secret society. 2) Terms of being possessed or "high" off of the shake of really bad schwag. 3) Secret society.
1) "Dude, that dunk was Illuminati!"
2) I was so Illuminati yesterday, never again."
3) "Illuminati!"
by Illuminati baby October 25, 2010
An ancient, disbanded organization that people claim to be behind an ongoing conspiracy. What people claim that they are behind today is something that they were actually against back when they existed. Many people believe that the Illuminati is represented by a triangle with an eye in the center, known as the all-seeing eye. Conspiracy theories are sometimes tied to this eye, but their real symbol is actually an owl.
PlayStation 4? Xbox 1? 4-1=3? A triangle is 3 sides. What do the owners of both the companies have? Eyes. Triangle? Eyes? SONY AND MICROSOFT ARE ILLUMINATI!!!!!
by AreialInferno December 13, 2014
The Illuminati secret Freedom fighters that has been around for millennium seeking to enlighten the world and stop the Old world order Ran by Freemason Dictatorship bastards that have Deceived the world into thinking they are Illuminati that is not the case they are the Astor Family, Bundy Family, Collins Family, DuPont Family, Freeman Family, Kennedy Family, Li Family, Onassis Family, Reynolds Family, Rockefeller Family, Rothschild Family, Russel Family and the Van Duyn Family they have created almost every religion out there and they are all full of lies don't believe me do your own research. I hope you have become enlightened and awake to the world around you with this information my brothers and sisters. And Freemasons if you see this you've been found out you bastards.

armageddonconspiracy look that up and look up does the Illuminati rule the world? and click on the yahoo link
The Fake Illuminati lie, oppress, corrupt etc
by The Real Savior May 15, 2013
a stupid word little kids/fuckboys use because they are retarded
Fuckboy: Dude! I saw a triangle today! ILLUMINATI!!!
Normal Person: Shut the fuck up, retard
by shiftyshadow April 03, 2015
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