Describing high grade, pure cocaine that has not been cut. Always cut straight from the kilo.
playa1: nigga check out this coke...
playa2: damn that is some icey blow!!
by tonyyyymontana January 28, 2011
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Meaning one who is covered in Dimonds or has Plenty of "Bling". Background "Yay Area"
Bluh, that Necklace is Icey
by IceyDragon April 01, 2005
Having lots of jewels and or a diamond/gold grill (teeth for you slow people)
Damn Trae lookin mad Icey with that new grill.
by MoNaDaTBrOnXMaMi June 02, 2005
Orignating in the 1980's break dancing era as a synonym to the word "fresh." Both words are used to emphasize that something is exceptionally great or cool.
As Chris, who was decked out in parachute pants and leather high top Pumas with fat laces, was poppin' and struttin', he began to moon walk directly into a deep puddle submerging his left foot into the water. In a scream of horror indicating that he may of ruined one of his all-time favorite shoes, Chris exclaimed, "Oh no, my Icey Puma!"
by RaiderJunky October 25, 2005
Means covered in jewels, diamonds, gold, or bling.
Man ni99a yo grill is so icey i wish i was fly like you fo sho!!!!

I'm so icey. My chain so heavy that ma neck don't like me.

Dem rimz are so icey, biotch!!!
by I'm rick james, biotch! December 10, 2007
A name for someone thats way cooler than u and ur way jealous. This word is commonly confused with Icy, as in cold or blinged out.
That's Icey. I so wish I was her.
by Icey Nichole July 10, 2008
When water freezes, it becomes ice, and is usually on the ground. So it is icey, and slick.
Watch out for that bigass wet spot. Its icey.
by r1cky January 01, 2006

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