When a person has alot of bling or Jewelrey.
Man I'm so excited, I'm so icey, so icey.
by Tia23 January 08, 2006
When water freezes, it becomes ice, and is usually on the ground. So it is icey, and slick.
Watch out for that bigass wet spot. Its icey.
by r1cky January 01, 2006
To remain cool and calm IE not freak out
Tally-wa stay icey!
by uglieboy February 01, 2010
When a woman chews up ice in her mouth and proceeds to blow you, thus making your shaft all tingly. Commonly performed at soccer camps.
Over the summer Joe went to soccer camp and got an icey from that nasty ass girl.
by C.J. aka chicken patty January 14, 2007
n. Self proclaimed "political commentator extraordinaire" and "Religious virtuoso", whom has little or no respect for the life and/or death of other human beings.
*** Icey|IsaidIwashardcore is now known as BrandonVedas
*** BrandonVedas is now known as ripper
<ripper> I am so hardcore
<ripper> faggots
<Ecko> icey
<Ecko> please stfu man
<ripper> sup
<Ecko> thats not really funny
<ripper> yea it is
<Coldshot> @escort ripper
*** TsNbot sets mode: -o+b ripper *!*@adsl-17-225-97.jax.bellsouth.net
<TsNbot> Ok Sir, escorting ripper out of #tsn!
<apsog33|sleep> not funny
*** ripper was kicked by TsNbot (TsNbot)
by Ecko February 17, 2003
synonomous with 'saget'
look at that icey next to that stamos
by Anonymous February 17, 2003
Someone who talks about people because they are jealous; Hater
"Dude stop bein an ICEY ,Garnett is cold as hell!
by Chelsey June 04, 2004
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