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A term for smoking and/or being high on crystal meth (ie. Ice) that's designed to confuse cops and sober white people.
Victor went Ice Skating then broke into his parents house and stole their TV.
by osm0sis July 10, 2009
- When you are bombed out on Ice (crystal meth) and other main narcotics. It's a term you would use if your g/f was at the crib and you wanted to talk about 'the game'.

Mac- "oh so how was the football game"

B summer- " i dunno man been ice skating since Sunday night- crashed h herberts crib and got business done"
Sj= I remember that crib
1. I just saw J russ ice skating down the road- I think he is smoked

2. "Man i'v been ice skating for 3 days now"-
by brown bear gton July 13, 2011
the best sport ever made. one of the hardest to master, and no one had masterd it because its impossible to master.
Eric: wow you're hot
Kendell: yeah im a Ice skater

ice skating
by Eric seendoide August 07, 2012
A sport you can do in the Winter unless you go to an ice arena.It is a sport but you use figure skates and skirts and skating dresses and you glide on the ice very gently and you do spins and jumps and you can do shows,competitions,and you can skate just for fun!!! The sport is so much fun!!!!!
I love ice skating with my friends and I take lessons with my coach.
by Ameeyyy May 11, 2009
effortlessly benching 225 like you are skating on ice
I will never be able to go iceskating
by briandscott4 February 26, 2015
To rub warm butter around your partner's vulva with the tip of your foot.
I'd love to go Ice-Skating but I'm afraid i might slip and injure myself.
by Cthuluface January 20, 2010
Another word for giving a blow job
Girl 1: So what did you and Bobby do last night?

Girl 2: Oh, nothing much. We just went ice skating
by TealTwizzlers May 20, 2010
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