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The kind of diabetes you're stuck with for life and get out of sheer bad luck. Since only 10% of diabetics fall into this category, it is also known as the type of diabetes nobody knows or gives a shit about.
Me (eating salad after workout): Well, yes but it's Type 1 Diabetes and I manage it quite well.

Jackass (eating Doritos and Mt. Dew): That sucks, you really should've made healthier choices.

Me: You're right. Next time I'll pick a better pancreas.

Jackass: $50 Gazillion was spent on creating a way to solve the diabetes problem in our country, you should be happy!

Me: All of that money will be spent on trying to keep fat people out of McDonalds.
by osm0sis April 24, 2011
A term for smoking and/or being high on crystal meth (ie. Ice) that's designed to confuse cops and sober white people.
Victor went Ice Skating then broke into his parents house and stole their TV.
by osm0sis July 10, 2009

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