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A woman who is very beautiful, but very cold.
Actress Gwyneth Paltrow has been called one in the media, as well as played "ice princess" roles in her films, i.e. Great Expectations.
by Anonymous March 27, 2004
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An Ice Princess is a woman who is hot and passionate, but is very particular about who she gives it to. Not just anybody. Cold as ice on the outside, but with the right man, a hot nympho on the inside.
An Ice Princess? Ha! Good luck with that, bro. Very few have succeeded.
by Ghandilight February 20, 2011
A pretty, uptight girl who won't put out for anybody.
Every guy in school has tried to get busy with that ice princess, but all of them ended up with a kiss on the cheek.
by Claire E. June 07, 2007
"A chick who is cold hearted, vicious, prude.
"I cant get the hook up the girl is an Ice Princess"
by Andi September 09, 2003
when a girl puts ice in her mouth and gives a blow job
giving a blow job with ice in their mouth usually girl called and "ice princess"
by xxdkxx October 24, 2011
A chick all strung out on meth
"Tina used to be a great girl, but since she started hangin with those tweakers, she's just another ice princess"
by stormerdawn January 06, 2010
Being awkward at almost everything in life, except for one thing which you are amazing at.

The character Casey in the movie Ice Princess is an awkward physics nerd until she starts figure skating, which, turns out, she is amazing at.
Genevieve: "Arranging the plates in the dishwasher efficiently is totally NOT my Ice Princess."


Guy 1: "Wow, why is Stacy talking to Rob? She's gorgeous and he's such a geek."

Guy 2: "Ah but you see, chatting up hot chicks is his Ice Princess."

by ThugMansion March 27, 2009

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