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When someone adopts a popular point of view for the primary purpose of recognition and/or acceptance by others.
Man, Nanlawon has been posting on our forums forever and everyone hates him. Then this new chick, Toolesbabe, joins the forum and just hops on the bandwagon ripping on him, even though she'd never even read a single post by him. WTF?!
by Vaun December 17, 2003
Used in as a metaphor for "a lot".
Man, there's trillions of stupid people in the world.
by Vaun December 16, 2003
The cock.
Lerasi loves it.
by Vaun December 16, 2003
In the pooper
Morphy gave it to Lolita ITP.
by Vaun December 16, 2003
Die In an Electrical Fire
I hate that fucker... wish he'd dief.
by Vaun December 16, 2003

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