A homosexual who owns, strongly identifies with, and/or obsesses about Apple products, particularly the iPhone.
I tried having a conversation with him, but he's such an iMo that he wouldn't stop playing with his phone the whole time.
by darkbeats July 05, 2010
A person of an extremely emotional demeanor -- generally negatively -- (see: Emo) who listens to music and "expresses" themself as dictated by the lyrics on their Ipod.
Said person feels a strong affinity for/towards their Ipod; often tending towards a sexual nature.
Give a man a fish, and he will eat for one day. Give an iMo an Ipod and he will love you for a lifetime.
by toothsayer December 03, 2010
Originating from the Greek: Imous

A) IMO, your toaster is broken.

B) Your toaster is broken, IMO.

- For those who want to clarify that it is not somebody else's opinion, but their own.
John is stuck it his toilet again, IMO.

Ralf likes to eat his pie, IMO.
IMO stands for "In My Opinion"
IMO, Papa Roach kick ass
by KuKi Chan June 07, 2006
In My Oppinion. Used sarcasticly in l337.
imo you say imo too much imo
by Anonymous July 20, 2003
An emo with and iPod. Pretty much the biggest tool any one person can be.
Look at that emo kid with his white headphones. He's an iMo.
by Gamertag? August 17, 2006
IMO in japaneese means POTATO
Sounding like 'emo' which is a type of music / short for emotional / group of people / lable... etc.
Making it a great inside joke for when you are talking about potatos or emos.
1. Those silly imo kids!
2. Nasty! These fries don't even taste like emos!
3. Look at those weird potatos; they act like they are goths!
by thatxonexsarahxkidd December 11, 2006

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