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{Verb} When a woman is on the rag. Often denotes extreme levels of schizophrenic mood shifts.
Woman crying uncontrollably because someone messed up her coffee order and gave her two sugars instead of one.

Person 1: "What's her problem?"

Person 2: "I'd say shes ragulating"

Person 1: "Ahhhh, so she's this Raggedy Anne I keep hearing about"
by Gamertag? September 30, 2006
{Noun} A name that can be used to refer to any woman that is currently ragulating.
Person 1: "What's with her?"

Person 2: "She must be Raggedy Anne"
by Gamertag? September 30, 2006
An emo with and iPod. Pretty much the biggest tool any one person can be.
Look at that emo kid with his white headphones. He's an iMo.
by Gamertag? August 17, 2006
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