Ebonics for "I am going to".
I'mo kick yo ass.
I'mo kobe dat biotch up da butt.
I'mo get me some rocks and hustle them down at da 20 DollA RocK concert.
by 50 cent crack dealer July 29, 2003

1: A person or persons engaging in one of the mannerisms of being emo through the use of an i-pod.

2: Purposefully avoiding contact with and or removing oneself from people in a place generally ment for socializing.
Person one: Look at that guy all alone at the back of the bus, looking all pissed off... I tried to talk to him but he just ignored me.

Person two: Ya, forget it, he's being a total i-mo...
by nocturni May 31, 2009
Emos on the internet
Those imos make no bones about their repective fancies and fantasies as well as fallacies.
by Hercolena Oliver March 30, 2009
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