A restaurant known for good food and questionable customer service
John Doe and his family went to iHop. The server called his uncle "Ma'am," delivered incorrect food to several customers, and at the end of the meal chased the the group out because she believed the bill was not paid.
by Sean Rothermel February 02, 2011
Where men/women take their one night stands if they decided too late that their date is someone they would like to see again.
*wake up from drunken stupor*
"Hey babe, I thought we could grab a bite to eat, at IHOP..."
by He, keeper of the Bro Code January 13, 2014
I Hate Old People=IHOP or International House of Pancakes
I Hate all these old people coming here to IHOP eating pancakes!

It's want the Employees tell me about all the Old People coming in late night to eat pancakes,when they would like to take a break.

Old People should be in Bed late night and not up at IHOP at 2am in the morning.

The Employees said to the Old Man,get your antique ass out of here.If you want something to eat go somewhere else!...
by pimp daddy sugar ray December 22, 2010
(International House of Prayer) IHOP

A large "not for profit" organization named IHOP (International House of Prayer) that calls itself a church. Pretty much a collection of people who have drank the Kool-Aid all from out of state. The organization has bought most of the for sale houses in Grandview and South Kansas City. Widely regarded by many as Grandview's Cult.
I'm drunk man!
Me too. Wanna go to IHOP??
The Church or the Restaurant?
The restaurant man!
Cool, I'd kick your ass if I thought you were a Hopper!
Nah bra, I didn't drink the Kool Aid.
by mooseneck November 09, 2012
An acronym meaning I Hate Other People. Used when referencing someone that can't stand the presence of people other than their friends, family, or significant other.
Kyle: hey let's go to the baseball game tonight
Trey: naw, the atmosphere annoys me.
Kyle: What?
Trey: dude, you know i'm in the IHOP Club. I Hate Other People.
by cool222012 November 25, 2010
Having a dick that is the same height and circumference as a pancake, often having a similar color as well.
Hey did you hear about Kostas? I heard he is packing an Ihop for a jimmy lol.
by ClarkKentsLawyer September 25, 2010
I Have Other Plans
Person 1: Hey you wanna go out later tonight?

Person 2: IHOP

Person 1: Aw damn, maybe next time
by JoJoMan April 17, 2010
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