I Have Other Plans
Person 1: Hey you wanna go out later tonight?

Person 2: IHOP

Person 1: Aw damn, maybe next time
by JoJoMan April 17, 2010
a hard hit in football. refering to the common slang of pancake for the same meaning.
the d-back came out of nowhere and "i.h.o.p.'d" me.
by daniel thomas June 19, 2006
a place where one-legged people work at
i'm eatin' at IHOP
by j February 20, 2004
IHOP is America's Teahouse
IHOP is America's Teahouse.
by T-Dog Jenkins December 29, 2004
Similiar to the Waffle House only utilizing multiple farts per spin or multiple spins per fart in a group of people. IHOP's are declared on a case by case basis.
Damn, I just IHOP'd all of you motherfuckers!!
by Jordan W. October 01, 2007
IHOP stands for I Hate Old People
juan: Yo dawg, look at that old tramp in the wheelchair trying to cross the steet, lets give her a beatdown!
Carlito: why mang?
juan: cause IHOP mang!
by edwin gaffney March 07, 2006
adjective describing mike c aka hammertime.
yo les go chill with hammertime and the international house of pancakes
by G-funk and the house of stylees October 21, 2003

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