International House of Pussy
Dude wanna go to IHOP? Yeah I want to go to a International House of Pussy!
by Dr. Smith, P.H.D November 24, 2007
i word used to decribe a pothead or what a pothead is doing. another word for pot is pancakes, so it all makes sense. check it:
bridget: "i'm gonna be at ihop all weekend."
^meaning she'll be high all weekend.

person 1: "who's that girl with the insanely red eyes?"
person 2: "oh, that's bridget. she goes to ihop a lot.."
person 1: "i can tell.."
by gracie! November 20, 2007
Hip hop music that's contained on your iPod.
Hey Tiny, gives meh alls yo iHop fo I shank yo ass!!!
by tote June 21, 2007
International House Of Panda...
"Hey mommy can we get some ling ling, at the IHOP"
by Maku April 02, 2005
An acronym adopted from the broken English of a foreigner meaning, "I Hope Only Pee." Since our stores are stocked with foreign mercahdise and people (not from USA anymore), broken English is the norm.
A reminder of this is given when one passes the restaurant bearing the same letters.
I have uh use duh bathroom, and IHOP, coss I not havuh time foh the shit.
by The Craig July 21, 2006
International House of Pancakes. Really bad service and icky. More like IPLOP.
Damn after eating at ihop last night, I had the worst squirts the next morning!
by Miyori September 24, 2004
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