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Acronym of I'm Gonna Cry.
"OMG, did you see how cute those cats are? IGC!!!"
by Alan L. July 30, 2012
International Girl Conspiracy. The IGC is an underground organization consisting entirely of women dedicated to making the lives of men a living hell. Also know as 5th-wave feminism. Their major targets are single heterosexual men over the age of 12. Their techniques involve blacklisting, misdirection, withholding sex, feigning PMS in additional to more diabolical methods.
Ashley and I were just starting to hit it off but then I was shut down by the IGC and now she won't answer the phone anymore.
by aegiswings August 10, 2005
interracial gay couple
Tri and Ashok are the IGC who just moved in.
by onlyonepayton February 16, 2012
International Gymnastics Camp located in the heart of the Pennsylvania woods. Gorgeous camp, better described as a resort. Gymnasts lucky enough (and with enough money!) get sent here to learn gymnastics with the best. Campers experience gymnastics to a new level and train 30 hours a week. Celebrities come here because it's the best camp in the country. Older campers try to get around the word fraternizing and the woods is used not JUST by bears. The ultimate camp experience includes the Scary Arie (climing wall) and zip line across the lake. Campers also engage in a state of the art trapeze. Simply put, it's the best and ritzist gymnastics camp in the western world.
IGC can be found at
by Kerry- Anne October 11, 2005

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