The brand of hallensteins jeans worn commonly by swagfags, tryhards, and Indians alike with no fashion sense
tick IFD
by jamie oliver234r12 September 23, 2013
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InFuckingDeed. Used for added emphasis.
Bob: That Newt Gingrich isa total douchebag.

Bill: IFD!
by sephboi November 21, 2011
I Feel Dead
Bob:My Girlfriend broke-up with me.....IFD...
by l666lRyuujin March 09, 2011
Improvised Fucktard Device. A fiendishly stupid trap left by a fucktard that is easy to overlook because it doesn't look like a threat to life or limb or your ego. If it doesn't kill you it just leaves you wondering who's the bigger dummy, the fucktard who set it, or you for blundering into it.
The old flaming bag of dog poo is an IFD that never goes out of style.
by weinerblizzard December 09, 2009

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