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1. A country so backward and so full of fucktards that military intervention, humanitarian aid and infrastructure repair can't even help it's citizens pull their heads out of their asses.
My buddy's National Guard unit just shipped out for Fucktardistan. I only hope he doesn't get taken out by an I.F.D.(Improvised Fucktard Device)!
by weinerblizzard July 21, 2009
Improvised Fucktard Device. A fiendishly stupid trap left by a fucktard that is easy to overlook because it doesn't look like a threat to life or limb or your ego. If it doesn't kill you it just leaves you wondering who's the bigger dummy, the fucktard who set it, or you for blundering into it.
The old flaming bag of dog poo is an IFD that never goes out of style.
by weinerblizzard December 09, 2009
A man's balls. Think of what a squirrel keeps in a hollow tree---a store of nuts.
Aaaaaah! She kicked him right in the store!

The line drive took a bad hop and nailed the pitcher right in the store.

I'd like to try ridin' that there mechanical bull, but I'm awful afraid I might damage my store.
by weinerblizzard December 04, 2009
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