"in deep shit together"
Dave and Bob IDST

"We're IDST"
by Oscar Meyer Weiner January 11, 2005
Top Definition
Stands for "I don't see that." "IDST" can be said in reaction to an absurd, precarious, or ludicrous situation.
Lonnie: "Our lazy friend claims he's going to bike 100 miles!"
Herb: "IDST."

"Miss High Maintenance is dating a gamer. I don't see that working out."
by sokonr September 22, 2012
"If destroyed still true"

Added to the end of wriiten insults (most likely graffiti) to say that even if it is removed, then the fact remains that the insult is true. Usually based around truth.

Well, you know it's true!
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 19, 2004
le defention: 'if destroyed still true', the usage: i love shazné IDST (use "padlock" if love is beyond comprehesion to the average shmo)
daron loves SHanzné I.D.S.T. padlock
by tom June 18, 2006
If Destroyed, Stays True.

Put on the end of messages by immature schoolchildren so that if a message is destroyed, it's appatrently still true- regardless of wether or not it was true in the first place.

Can easily be counteracted by destroying the IDST first, removing it's protection, then removing said message.
"rick is gaaaay. IDST"
by Tom January 15, 2005
If destroyned still true.
Devvo: I'll just make it known that you'll be boss of the swings. IDST on it mate! If anyone says "well, dickhead I'm just sayin thats not true" just say it were IDST mate. And they'll just be fuckin "aw shit ya dickhead, you are boss of't swings!"
by Devvo, ya dickhead! December 12, 2006
"I Demand Sex Tonight"

When you were in primary school it meant "if destroyed still true".

But once into secondary school... things got a bit more rude! ooh errr
"Hayley loves Duncan idst"


Hayley wants to shag duncan
by hayles December 02, 2004
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