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IDP = In Das Pooper. Slang for anal intercorse.
"Dude, she was hot!"
"Did you IDP?"
by Ketchup June 24, 2004
An IDP (or "Instant Dance Party") occurs when a large, mass of people gather for a social gathering that encourages mingling and rotating small-talk (house-warming, boat christening, or happy half). If this system is met with an outside system of music containing enough bass, the collision (partially elastic) will reverberate into a fully formed IDP.
"Why don't we have more IDP's around here?

"Because Eddie Patch needs more bass."
by TsTG August 15, 2011
International Dibs Protocol
Guy 1: DIBS!

Guy 2: No, it's mine.

Guy 1: Not according to IDP! Piss off!
by CNosko June 21, 2011
Acronym for I'd Pound when speaking in reference to a person of the opposite that is within hearing distance.

Also as an exclamation or a proclamation that one Double Penetrates or enjoys being DP'd.
Mark:(in a whisper) Dude that girl sitting across is a 10.

Steve: For sure IDP.


Logan: So what are you into?

Lexi: Well IDP
by dasprinkler November 01, 2010
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