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A beautiful girl with a great sense of humor. Shes cute, pretty, and has great hair. She has a great personality. She is every guys dream.
Guy 1: "Dude did you see that girl?"
Guy 2: "Yeah that's Shaianne."
Guy 1: "Damn shes beautiful."
by BinderBridgett February 09, 2012
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An annoying , fake person. Usually a hoe, might call you their sister, or bestfriend . A Shaianne will always ask you if you hate them or dislike them. Also is very ugly and looks like donkey with no rear end and smells like fish out of ocean shores. A shaianne , is a homeyhopper.
Tommy: That fake hoe, she must be a Shaianne.
Isaiah: Why does she keep asking if I dislike her ? She must be a Shaianne!
by The truth and nothing less November 07, 2011

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