Abbreviation for instant boner
When Scotts girlfriend touched my leg, i popped an IB and I had to hide it to avoid getting my ass beat.
by Victor Chen November 30, 2007
Incoherent Babbling: basically a folder where you can spam on the adult swim message boards with little consequence.
I'm going to boost my post count by camping in IB.
by grayfox01 May 27, 2006
In Before or I Bet. This is then followed by a short phrase without spaces that explain what you are "In Before"
In forum lingo, "IBnooneresonpondstomythread"
by Brandon OBrien April 04, 2006
International Baccalaureate.
aka "Intelligent Bastards"
aka "Inherently Boring"
International program for students who suppose themselves to be smart. Typically an elitist program.
"IB fries your brain"
by Kane Millard May 30, 2004
IB is an acronym for the term indigenous bitches.
Rachel: The fucking IB sitting next to me wouldn't open the window on the 7 hour bus ride to Jaco.

Monroe: IB's have the best drugs.
by tom.pura_vida March 24, 2009
Irritable Bowels; also known as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
She had to cancel her appointment due to IB.
by california10 July 06, 2005
Short for IlliniBoard
I'm on the IB all day and all night.
by pater July 10, 2003

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