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A person typically of the female gender, who appears to have but one leg and slightly leans as she ever-so drunkenly falls flat on her face, yes she is then leaning with the plain.

Also a very large house trained pig with her titties hangin to the floor, she appears to always be leaning to milk those little hogs
Oh my god Jack, look it's I-lean and she has been drinkin again, she's horizontal with the plain.

Hey I-lean quit draggin your milk infested breasts on the floor please, and while your at it pick your damn gut off the floor when you walk dammit!
by shawn Peterson November 11, 2006
Another word for a suburban mom who has a bunch o' kids, but still likes to party.
Yo, are you hangin out with i-lean at da club tonight?
by R-Star August 25, 2008
This is what you call a woman with one leg shorter than the other.
Man1-Hey i bet you I know that womens name over there.Its Ilean

Man2-How do you know that?

Man1-Because she has one leg shorter than the other,lol
by Troubledemon February 24, 2010
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