Front engine, Rear wheel drive.

A term used to describe a vehicle with the engine located in the front, powering the rear wheels via a propshaft (driveshaft).

Most cars built prior to the 1970's had an FR layout, however most automobile manufacturers are using front wheel drive layouts for their economy models due to lighter weight, and cheaper manufacturing costs. The FR layout is still commonly found in sports cars and high-end luxury sedans.

From a performance standpoint; most FR vehicles are inherently balanced and when correctly setup will exhibit neutral handling characteristics.
Car companies are starting to realize that there is an emerging demand for high performance FR cars in today's market.
by Sketch October 14, 2004
Friend request.

Often used on Xbox Live or gaming forums.
You have Halo 3 too?
Yep. Send me an FR and we can play sometime.
by UndeadMessenger February 17, 2007
The best german rapper ever, only eminem could beat him in a freestyle battle.
Meine Texte sind komplex, deine sind komplexbeladen / Eure Textpassagen zeugen nur von Ego-Eskapaden
- F.R., FrRrRrRrRr, Wer bist du?
by frrrrrrr May 06, 2011
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