In short, the American version of the British greebo. They're...different. Not really fitting into any category people try to force them into. They think, act, say, wear and listen to what they want without shame. They ohnestly dont give a fuck what any one else thinks or says. They dont follow any trends. They do what they do because it fits they're liking's. They dont care if you think they look stupid, not caring if you like them or if you hate them. You can hurl insults, or give complaments. They dont really liked being labled ANYTHING(but this is for all you "SPECIAL" people who need a lable to brand them with). Thoe diverse from one another most hybrids have one thing in common,
most of them listen to different types of rock music. And they keep getting mixed in with goths and skaters. But they're not them. They have traits from all of these sub-culture groups,hence the name "hybrids". They're usually smart, quick witted, artisticall, and deep. And they can think up an insult or come back in a snap. They're a bit more violent then they're British counter-parts(probobly cause we're American). But usually they're lade back, just happy being them. They dont go looking for trouble, just wanting to have fun, but they're always ready to through down. Insults dont really do much to 'em since they think every one's opinion isn't worth a flying fuck, but we're sick of being labled goth(as much a like as we are).
stupid labling people:"look at those fucking goths.""They're such loser.""Sure wish we could come up with a good insult instead of looking like jackass's."

hybrids:"Look at those morons trying to insult when they dont know what we are.""Kinda funny really.""but who gives a shit. Let's go do stuff."
by blitzkrieg6913 July 25, 2004
Top Definition
The offspring of a reproductive cross between genetically disimilar individuals, of for example two different sub-species or species.
A liger is a hybrid between a lion and a tiger.
by OneBadAsp October 20, 2006
When two people of different races produce an offspring, it is calle a Hybrid of those two races.
Hybrid people look between the two races.
by John June 24, 2004
To make something of little or no significance sound a tiny bit cooler.
"Dude, your shirt is so hybrid!"

"Bro, that's so hybrid."
by Lil' Cat Fetus January 05, 2013
Hybrids are produced when you cross-breed 2 different spieces.
My favorite hybrids are:

(1) I bred my cat with a rabbit, and got a cabbit.

(2) I crossed a mink with a weasel, and got some measels (wink, wink).

(3) I bred my cat with a ferret, but she just gave birth to a fat carret.

(4) But gerbsters are REAL (or are they?).
by Bat Man May 26, 2006
A sentence enhancer used to increase dopeness level of any object or event
Alex: 'Casual drinking Monday was crazy'

Rob: 'Yeah, shit got so hybrid'

Alex: 'Oh yeah, cha definitely feel'
by Stoney Bologna December 08, 2014
Hybrid; a guy who has really good style, good at sports and extremely smooth with woman. every bloke wants to be a hybrid.
E.g. ; "omg, he's such a hybrid! He's so fucking hot"
by Hybrid10101 April 06, 2014
A person who is both black and white.
Guy 1: is that kid black or white?
Guy 2: looks like a hybrid to me
by Tin Cup 23 March 19, 2010
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