A person who is both black and white.
Guy 1: is that kid black or white?
Guy 2: looks like a hybrid to me
by Tin Cup 23 March 19, 2010
a hybrid is a mix between a white and a black person. they usually come with extremely good looks and super powers. (hispanics, asians, europeans etc. dont qualify)
Hey jerry did you just see that hybrid jumping on roof tops.
by SplurgeMaster3000 March 31, 2009
Not an electric car.

In automotive performance circles, a Hybrid is considered a vehicle that has swapped out its stock motor in favor of a bigger, more powerful unit. This is a common practice among many Honda drivers, who have swapped out their smaller economy engines in favor of a larger engines, such as ones seen in the Acura Integra, Honda CRV, Honda Prelude or Acura RSX.

Many enthusiasts choose to go Hybrid over heavy engine modification, as it is more cost effective and offers greater reliability.
Have you seen John's new Hybrid CRX? He swapped in a Integra Type R engine, and then wrapped the car around a pole cause he drives like an asshat. Stupid riceboy.
by jaysonx November 18, 2003
1. someone who plays guitar (poorly) right-handed, but plays air guitar left-handed
2. SoutheyGod
oi man why do you play the guitar right-handed but play air guitar left-handed?

because i'm hybrid
by Vinniesasicko August 06, 2008
when a personal assistant watches your kids too! being the best of the best! and then being even better!!
You're a hybrid! I cannot believe you wash her laundry & look after her baby!
by JenniferMegan July 13, 2008
1. A group of DJs that make up a band that produces awesome electronica/breakbeat music. One of the best bands around, if not the best.
2. Go to www.hybrid-group.com for more details.
1. "The song 'Finished Symphony' by Hybrid is my favorite song."
2. Check the site
by ProjectSpam September 22, 2003
A girl that can give a blowjob and a handjob at the same time.
1.) Yo, this girl just gave me a hybrid.

2.) Bro, This girl is a hybrid.
by jizzy200 August 02, 2011

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