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The phrase 'Hutt!' is often yelled in conjunction with a closed fist striking the chest. The reason why the 'Hutt!' salute is so effective is the fact that it very spontaneous and can be used at anytime. Some people may frown upon the salutes, but don't let them bring you down.
Nathan: Hutt! *Whilst striking chest with closed fist*
Ben: Hutt!....Hutt! Hutt! *Whilst double striking chest with closed fist*
by PlumpRoast October 28, 2012
To describe someone as angry or bothered.
Katy was really hutt at school today, we could tell by the displeased look on her face, and the fact that she refused to converse with anybody.

Matthew got very hutt when people began to throw chewed up carrots at him. He left the vicinity, enraged.
by Fosmic January 17, 2013
Contraction of "head butt"

Often used on the back end of a double contraction.
That sad sack leaned in for a kiss, so I delivered a h'utt.

This is a situation that calls for a g'unch h'utt
by AK Smack Talk May 17, 2012
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