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The phrase 'Hutt!' is often yelled in conjunction with a closed fist striking the chest. The reason why the 'Hutt!' salute is so effective is the fact that it very spontaneous and can be used at anytime. Some people may frown upon the salutes, but don't let them bring you down.
Nathan: Hutt! *Whilst striking chest with closed fist*
Ben: Hutt!....Hutt! Hutt! *Whilst double striking chest with closed fist*
by PlumpRoast October 28, 2012
A man with no boundaries. He does illicit drugs, tames beautiful women and obeys no rules. He is much like a rugged stallion and is obviously very well hung. Not to mention his beard is in a league of its own.
Person 1: Did you see that guy at the party the other night?
Person 2: Yes, he was such a tamedaddy!
by PlumpRoast October 23, 2012
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