Northern Irish slang used to describe someone that you do not like.

Adapted the word for the fish "Herring". In the old days the fishmonger on the street used to shout "Get your herrings". Which was actually pronounced "Get your Hurns".
Boy#1- "There goes wee Jimmy"
Boy#2- "Aye that wee lad is a Hurn"


"You really are a fuckin' Hurn"
by Stephen Canavan June 29, 2006
Top Definition
The sound of failure.
As the two friends tried to give each other a high five but somehow missed each others hand completely, a loud hurns was emitted.
by Peter J Woods December 03, 2007
Pronounced 'hurrrrnnnnnnn' whilst biting on your tongue, pulling a stupid face and holding the 'N'

It has no point, just something you do when you're feeling silly
Craig> am gonna go to the shops, u want owt?
Chris> hurn!
Craig> hurrrrnnnnnnn!
by Galey August 17, 2009
A hurting/burning sensation often associated with not wiping oneself properly after going number 2
Spicy food and cheap one ply tp makes my ass hurn.
by Durtmouth13 May 19, 2006
a shout of crunkness or a greeting
hurn hurn hurn hurn hurn
by big D April 06, 2004
Deviant sexual practices in a shower or any water orientated location.
If he keeps hurning he'll get a hernia
by Bold King Cole May 17, 2003
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