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What happened to me when I showed my cock to a woman.
Damn man, Why'd I show my cock to them chicks, I was so humiliated when they started making fun of the size. Why'd I put myself through that humiliation.
by Michael Rehmeyer November 24, 2007
An extremely embarrassing feeling that occurs many times is one's life. Commonly caused by public nudity.
Ryan's humiliation certainly wasn't fun for him, but us girl loved seeing him handcuffed naked to the flagpole in front of the school (right when school got out).
by super hot Sarah May 19, 2010
1. When you get knifed in the ass in Counterstrike and die and your opponents take your $5000 AWP and your deagle and you feel like a retard and even the computer says "HUMILIATION."

2. When you go on a blind date across the Internet and then meet some girl online and decide to meet at a bar. When you go there you find out that its your mom.

3. When you date a transexual schmang and you find out she has a bigger wang then you.

See synonyms PWNED
1. Wayne HEADSHOT W/ KNIFE on Computer Nerd. HUMILIATION.

2. Nerd 1: Yo sup hot mama lets meet at McDonald's.
Nerd 1's Mom: Okay
After they meet...
Nerd 1: WTF MOM!!!

3. Guy w/ Inchworm: Sup let's go to my place?
Girl w/ Anaconda: Aight.
Guy w/ Inchworm: Holy fux dude your wang is so big u must have back spasms.
Peter Griffin: HUMILIATION

by Wayne January 01, 2006
Losing a game of Pokemon to bedang, or a match of AoE to Nikhil..
Goutham, pokemon masta, suffered humiliation at the hands of Bedang..
by Dusknnoir December 01, 2013
what happens when you're playing counterstrike and you get knifed in the back. After which a computer voice booms, HUMILIATION (which is often stolen from quake)
*w007 almost have this bomb defused.....HUMILIATION!*
by applydirectlytoforehead August 31, 2008
When one rox0rz another, brutally and extensively, through the use of a bladed instrument, usually a knife.
"HUMILIATION!" (hear sounds)
by Sub-Zero June 11, 2005
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