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Usually means cum or semen in massive amounts.
Holy shit I sprayed it all over her face! It was like a fuckin' cum fiesta!
by Brayne N/A July 03, 2005
A 15 minute sexual encounter between a girl, and one or two guys. Usually filmed and photographed for internet consumption. The "fiesta" generally occurs in the last minute or so, with the lovely young lady receiving a protein-enriched facial.
Kim is never late for a Cumfiesta.
by keyshaw May 02, 2004
(n.) an event where someone is ejaculated on by a number of males for the purposes of pornography
We had a cumfiesta on psycho bitch
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 11, 2004
When you drop a huge load its a Cum fiesta.
"Holy shit I sprayed it all over her face! It was like a fuckin' cum fiesta!"or "Wow my room smells like a Cum fiesta."
by titotitititit April 06, 2006
A game played between 2 or more people. Often a very erotic kinky game played as a way to ease sexual tention.
?: Where are you going?
??: To a cumfiesta!
?: Can I come?
??: Sure it is a Cum fiesta!!!!
by MG Pimpin March 25, 2009
Largely similar to standard masturbation, but presumably more vigorous and, well, festive. Think of it as the Memorial Day of auto-eroticism.
You guys have a good time tonight, I'm just going to stay here, watch the O'Reilly factor, maybe later have a cum fiesta.
by Finneagan Cyril von Vandehagan August 07, 2006