An INCREDIBLY ignorant and egotistical species. Claims to have "invented" all things that it benefits from, and is the first species to put FOOD under lock and key, making it a commodity.
The armadillo was killed by a human in its automobile.
by Adrian June 18, 2003
NASA found this definition in what seemed to be an Alien type of dictionary, after a ufo crash that was covered up. it was recently decoded.

Human-pathetic, and smelly monkeys who have primitive technology(the internet is their greatest..Ha!ha!ha!Ha!ha!)and language/writing.
the weakest primeapes on planet Earth!

the only species who kill each other becuase of looks and different skin color!

A species in the universe who "claim" to be intelligent.
the laughing joke of the universe.
(SETI discovered this conversation of Two unknown Extraterrestrial species shortly after the 9-11 events!
it has recently been decoded.)
E.T#1-hey look those humans are fighting again.

E.T#2-dont they ever quit? Have they gone nuclear yet?

E.T#1-no, not yet! they just flew one of those, slow, ugly, pathetic, mettalic suedobird thingies into two of their large mettalic buildings, killing many of their own species again!

E.T#2- metal suedobird?. Oh- you must mean what they call an airplane.

E.T#1 yeah, i think thats what its called.

E.T#2- WHAT. those humans are so barbaric. i wonder what they are fighting over now. ill bet its skin color again!..ha, what a bunch of idots.

E.T#1-yeah, you can never figure a human out. oh and get this it happened on the peice of land called america.

E.T#2-no shit. WOW! if i recall right, america is the land full of humans with different skin colours right,

E.t#1- yep. they're the worst ones when it comes to fighting each other.

E.T#2- Oh i just remembered, America is the land with the best.. uh whats it called now,..Army!
I bet they go nuclear.

E.T#1 oh i hope so, that,ll be some show to watch!
by goganhusssan October 23, 2006
A largely upright, semi-advanced homonid with approximately 3.96 limbs. The typical human is dull, enjoys sex, food, games with balls, and cathode-ray tubes.
Englishmen are not to be confused with humans. They bear some apparent similiarities, but in fact belong to a lower genus.
by DougTheSlug April 19, 2005
The third most intelligant species on the planet Earth, despite believing themselves to be the most intelligant.
The most smart and second-most smart are Mice and Dolphins, respectively.
by Atog April 30, 2005
A species of animal that belongs to the primate family. A being that evolved a large brain for adapting to many environments by gaining thorough knowledge of the surroundings and building the appropriate technology. Despite having evolved the ability to think logically, humans still retain the barbaric animal behaviors that have served to slow the progress of human civilization. See war, religion, America, and politics for examples of burdens on human intelligence.
Despite their remarkable intelligence, humans will be responsible for the destruction of its homeworld and ultimately its own extinction.
by Anonymous June 23, 2003
An ape who does nothing all day but scratch it's butt.
Shut up, you are an ape. I don't talk to apes.
by Teh Anners(Max = Hawt) March 06, 2005
There are two adversary forms of humans which are the Fucked Up Human and the Real Up Human. To scale from one or the other, all humans fall somewhere in line by every action that a human makes -- even each and every last keystroke being done.
Well be real up ya all humans... ok?
by In the Mindway May 01, 2005

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