hums is a slang for marijuana.
we puffin mad hums tonight
by JDW99 March 23, 2007
Having music on your Ipod, or slang for saying you have a new song or CD or when refering to a song you heard on the Raido
Andrew: yo man did you catch those new hums from 50?

Avery: naw man but I head that junk had some mad beats
by Dutchkid January 11, 2008
Short for a 'husband bum' or a lazy husband.
My SO is such a bum. He sits all day, watches tv and never helps me out in the house. He is a 'hum'.
by KGR January 05, 2014
Hum, something that is thrown so fast it makes a humming noise. anything can be hum'd at some one,Small, Large.. as long as it makes a humming noise
Should I Hum this 24oz can of Hurrican At your Head?
Grab that baseball, and Hum it down range to his Dome!
by Johnathon Dough July 26, 2010
Another nonsense word used by the Great Laza'rus. He usually says it when he is deep in thought.
hum... Now how can we embezzle that money from KFC?
by Lazarus September 11, 2003
Defintion: Not very good

Background: From a drunken outing where a fat boy said I'm freddy farquar and i hum then fell down a hill and threw up.
Can be used in various contexts:

You hum lots
You're really humming
You hum like ....

etc etc
by Freddy Farquar [BUPTISS] April 07, 2004
All-knowing and wise denizen of providing good humor, practical advice, and spiritual enlightenment to the World.
I'm lost -- Just ask Hum!
by Chris April 17, 2005

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