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What someone says as a response to something casual or unimportant. Often used as a conversation closer.

Also used when trying to sound cute or unique.
Mary: I'm going to eat dinner.
Sam: Have fun.
Mary: XD
Sam: Hum Hum.

Karly: I'm almost done with my homework!
Todd: I'm not. Hum hum.
by FluffyCat September 10, 2010

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used to describe a person with an afro. usually VERY annoying and has SWAG. sings off tune.
Hum-Hum: la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaa im soooooooooooooooo coooooooooooooolllllllll
by PIGGYWISDOM February 26, 2013
Phrase used as synonim to thinking about the problem which had apperaed or as a respons for moronic question.
A: Do you want to make some quests or stop playing?
B: hum hum

A: Only pr0 play Tibia
B: hum hum
by Bogumil May 10, 2006