Top Definition
Huggly is another word for huggle
Meaning, hugs or hugging. Huggly, used for internet use, for instant messengers or forums.
Let me give you a huggly!

Let's huggly.
by xmsteel September 26, 2008
Mostly used as if it was "Cyber-Hugging"
To hug, huggle, huggy, etc
P1: Dude, give me a huggly!

P2: I like to huggly

P3: I huggly my gf all day
by OriginalXmsteel September 26, 2009
Someone who is ugly, but sweet, and you want to hug them anyway. Huggable looking.
I don't know, she was just huggly, I couldn't help myself.
by snookie_sucks December 04, 2010
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