A word used to describe the size of an event. Originally used as a discriptive word for parties at 171, as 171 is notorious for hudge parties it has also been used at other venues including JYJ's hudge party.
The term originally is derived from the word "huge" but was miss-spelled by 171's own Guy "muscles" T. on a local SSM music website advertising a "hudge party at 171".

Events that happen at a hudge :
- The drinking game "flip cups is played
- someone usually ends up puking
- people stand in the hallway

Rules of a hudge
- No shitties
- Hudge at 171!
- So i hear there is going to be a hudge party at 171?
by JYJ May 27, 2006
Hudge is a word used to identify a female that you, or one of you boys have had intercourse with. Great to use in place of words like ho, slut....
See also: Hudge nemesis
There were too many hudges at the party last night.
by T. Stover September 06, 2005

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