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what you make in the south, when it snows.
Dude, we wanted to make a snowman but we only had enough snow to make a Snow Gnome.
by yodalice March 01, 2009
The creatures in the woods at night that your not sure what it is but is scares the crap out of you with its load "howling-call"
Dude1: "dude, were about to be attacked by the owlotes"

Dude2: "I know, I heard them, lets get the hell out of here and pretend we didn't hear anything"

Dude1: (already running, yelling over his shoulder) "the owlotes will eat you first so I will have time to get back to the car, sorry dude, I will tell your mom you love her.
by yodalice March 02, 2011
fat, lazy, generally useless.
my fat sister sits on the couch all day, she is such a Hudge Pudge.
by yodalice January 01, 2009
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