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A name for the relationship between House and Cuddy from the HOUSE MD Tv Show.
"I want huddy to hookup in the show"

"Huddy all the way"

"Huddy is love"
by Fany February 03, 2008
an adjective meaning "not progressing", "ghetto", "lazy", "unwilling".
The term derived from "HUD homes" (homes that have been foreclosed by the lenders & the US Department of Housing & Urban Development has taken over the ownerships by paying the rest of the mortgage). These houses would normally have the signs "HUD Home" displayed on the doors or windows; these signs are especially prominent in inner-cities during poor economic times.
He's such a huddy waiter. He has been working here for 2 months now and still hasn't learned how to hold 3 plates with one hand!
by Ling April 06, 2004
Getting a handjob from a girl while walking home from a party.
He got a huddy from mike's sister on the way home from the party.
by donkeykong74 October 18, 2009
a tall, ungainly, gauche person (usu. male), often heavy-of-foot and untactful
Check out that big huddy, he's just walked into the door.
by Cal T October 06, 2003
A horrible on screen romance portrayed by Hugh Laurie and Lisa Edelstine. This has been a side in a war or romancw ships between hamerons and huddys. This on screen romance has no romance off screen where the hameron(house/cameron) romance still lives on. This horrible twist to the show caused ratings to drop over 4 million viewers and made a fool out of the show "HouseMd". This awful plot has been created by David shore, who is absolutely oblivious to the obvisous chemistry between not only Dr.Cameron and Dr.House, but Jen Morrison and Hugh Laurie. Lisa Edlestine and Hugh Laurie just don't have the same chemistry and "houseMd" is taking blame for David shores mistakes.
"That Huddy kiss looked like Hugh was in pain"

"David Shore wants to have huddy sex scene what a retard"
by Bobbi Bobberson June 22, 2009
a really amazing girl who is very hot. she mostly hangs around with guys, AKA "one of the guys." she's not girly, but not tomboy. normally is absent minded or dumstruck. she is very clumsy.
"Huddy show them how to jump that on a dirtbike a pro!"
by braidedcurt January 07, 2009
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