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slow, lazy, not wanting to do anything
Man today i was laggin in school. I didnt feel like doing shit.
by kracker October 28, 2004
Being inebriated, drunk, pissed etc. Having drunk too much alcohol.
Your laggin! How much have you had to drink??
by sexy November 13, 2003
Lagging or laggin is a term to be used when someone is not reacting at the right time or when they space out for a period of time.
Bro, you were laggin when that book fell on to your foot.
by ThatHighGirl:) July 12, 2011
the term used when you have people waiting on you and your taking your god damn time doing whatever you are doing.. Pretty much pissing everyone off.
Dude! what the fuck is Chango doin in there!? Jackin off!? hes laggin!
by Bobbyjoeflatdick November 30, 2011
Another definition of dogging, slowly and smoothly and sensually fucking a girl.
I was laggin' with my girl for most of the night, while Kronarn watched me and Jin filmed us from the decloaked titan.
by Kronarn September 26, 2013
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