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One who promises and fails to deliver a requested item or piece of information after the objectives to obtain said items/information have been completed.
"He said he'd provide sister pics if I said the ABC's backwards; I did, but he didn't! What a hubbin!"
by LastExile0 December 21, 2008
the action of visiting the porn site pornhub or aka "The Hub"
hey joey whats up?

Dude i'm hubbin' leave me alone!
by hubking69 April 17, 2010
Watching wierd, nasty, and disgusting videos on pornhub that don't even turn you on. They just entertain you.
"Hey whats up"
"Nothin much just hubbin'"
"O.. I should probably catch up on the new videos also"
"Yeah they got this new one where a guy shoves his head up some chicks asshole"
by John Hand Job October 26, 2009
The official endearing term for two girls over 40 who decide to give up on finding a decent man and become partners. Now...these girls are not lesbians. They simply live together and reap the financial benefits of having a partner (besides insurance, because they don't actually get married). If two girls give up on men and become hubbins, they will have separate bedrooms, but will snuggle on occasion as well. Hubbins have an "open" relationship, meaning they are free to continue to sleep with men, whomever, and however many they so choose with zero obligation because they already have someone to go home to...their hubbin!
NON-decent guy: Hey what you doin tonight girl?
Hubbin: Oh, nothing, just a normal night at home with my hubbin.
by hubbinlover September 16, 2010
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