Doing a certain task good. Usually comes after the word 'too.'
after winning the game ted said "I came way too hub.
by theo March 08, 2004
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hub:(adj)- meaning buff, strong, or yoked. commonly used in sacramento and the bay area.
-You seen dat boi k.o him wit one punch?
-Yeah, that nigga hella (hub)
-Man, deer valley high schools goin bad.
-Ne wayz theres a function tonight its gone b shmackin cuz!!!
by jr_inc. January 26, 2010
The same as hifey but to the next level. Comes from Oakland (Oaktown)CA, USA.
We be gettin Hub in the Club!
by The Sensei March 04, 2005
Chicago ghetto slang for fat, chunky crack rocks. Mostly used by Bucktown niggas.
Hey jo, I got twinkie($20)hubs right now right now!!!!!
by D FolKKz April 24, 2008
Hubs is a modification on the slang term "husband" in reference to one's male spouse. Often used as a term of endearment, hubs is now a commonplace term especially in American cultural tradition. Pati (pronounced pah-thee) is the traditional term for husband in India, but now that the language is becoming americanized by the cross cultural mixture of Indian-Americans in the U.S., Hubu is coming more into use as well as Hubs.
Hi Hubs! How was your day?
by pame July 03, 2006
- The best something can possibly get
- Heroic; majestic; impressively great
Person A: Fuck it, I've got some DMT, let's use it!
Person B: Seriously?
Person A: Yeah man
Person B: Hub!
by Kiinto September 06, 2010
hub caps. usually used in conjunction with other words describing one's automobile
"I got hubs and dubs that look just like rims"
by Jesus November 26, 2003
Hot Upper Body
Hey Diane, check out Jack, he definitely has H.U.B status!
by KYCJS September 13, 2010

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