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When someone sends you nudes that aren't really theirs.
"Bro, she just sent me her nudes!" "No way let me see!" "Lol, that's not hers man they're fake!" "Lol, you just got houstoned!"
by 16-bars January 01, 2013
Houston Texas where the weed is really cheap and lots of people are stoned.
Hey, what's going on in Houstoned tonight?

Get your ass to Houstoned and lets party!
by kixette February 12, 2007
When one gets drunk during the day, commencing the first beverage before 10 am.
Bill: Glad you made it to the tailgate so early! In before 10!
Dave: Heck yea! Let's get to drinking.
Bill: We're going to get so Houstoned.
by gramthrax February 16, 2012
Pronouned: Hue - stoned.

Being wrongly accused by the police for carrying a firearm you have a permit for.
Jeremiah was houstoned when tackled from behind by police while he was dancing at a concert on the University Lawns. They believed he illegally carried a gun.
by Godfrey Bouillon May 25, 2007
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