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A beautiful, historical town located on the Gulf Coast of Texas that has a rich and famous history. It is known for the 1900 Storm, beautiful Victorian houses, the song "Galveston" by Glen Campbell, the beaches, the Galveston Symphony Orchestra, Ball High School, the Civil War's Battle of Galveston, and for getting hit by hurricanes. Its character is very original and different from other places. It is a city that is irreplaceable.
Galveston is one of the few relatively small towns that known by many people all over the country.
by Texas Longhorns August 29, 2008
a beach that isnt clear blue , but isnt dark black .

galveston water is the gulf of mexico .

galveston water is the gulf of mexico .

so dont expect it to be pretty.
by candybabbeeee5 July 27, 2007
An island next to Texas surrounded by brown stinky so happens to be the second oldest city in (actually next to) Texas...was once called the "Wall Street of the South"...but now the town is kind of trashy, yet charming, but rampant with ignorant citizens, corrupt government, and fat cops.
My mom lives in Galveston and I used to live with her...Thank god I moved to San Diego! San Diego is the best city ever!!!
by GalvestoniansRstrange September 07, 2008
The beach that people from Houston, TX go to. It is ugly and dirty. The water is black so it looks like someone poured gasoline in it.
Galveston looks like shit compared to the L.A beaches, actually it looks like shit even if it is not compared to anything.
by tra tra May 27, 2005
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