A bigger version of Dallas. The 4th largest single city in the United States and largest city in Texas. America’s 7th largest metro area. As big as the Houston area is, it isn't even the largest in Texas. Dallas-Ft. Worth is the largest. It’s economy has a broad industrial base in energy, manufacturing of chemicals and petrochemicals, aeronautics (NASA is headquartered in the city), technology, biotechnology and healthcare and research institutions. It is home to the most Fortune 500 companies outside New York City. It’s numerous high-paying jobs followed by a low cost of liviing makes Houston a very easy city to live in. It is one of the fastest-growing metro areas in the country and is a classic example of urban sprawl gone ammock, like many Sun Belt cities including its rival, Dallas. Houston saw a surge of New Orleans refugees in September of 2005, after Hurricane Katrina. It is believed that its crime rate (already among the highest in the country) escalated rapidly after receiving the evacuees. Houston is almost an urban hell to live in because it has no zoning regulations whatsoever, thanks to its voters. Not suprisingly, it has the second-worst air pollution in the country after Los Angeles. For a city of such large size, Houston has very abysmal public transportation and just about everybody drives everywhere. The roads are overused, overcrowded, underfunded and in need of repair. Houston has among the youngest populations in the nation,partly due to an influx of immigrants (both legal and illegal) into Texas. It has the third-largest Hispanic and third-largest Mexican population in the United States. An estimated 400,000 illegal immigrants reside in Houston if you can believe it or not. That’s perhaps why the city has such a high crime rate. Houston, although not with a profile like the crowded East Coast cities, has just about everything: professional sports teams from every sport except hockey, museums, a theme park, tons of bars and nightclubs, an active nightlife, and ranks high in the arts. Houston is just damb big all over the place and an urban nightmare if you want to live there. It’s a nice place to visit or conduct business, but you don’t want to live there. Houston, we have a problem.
Houston is just too dam big and crime-ridden to be good for anything.
by krock1dk November 29, 2007
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First word heard from the moon. The nation's fourth largest city and home to the Texas Medical Center (the world's largest) and NASA's Johnson Space Center.

Few cities in the world can match H-Town as a source for blues and rap talent. Home of ZZ Top and Beyoncé.

One of the best places to live, work, play, eat, play music, hear music, do art, see art, get sick, get well, work out, hang out, and make a decent living doing whatever your heart says you were put on earth to do.
The U.S. economy can be up or down but there's always money to be made in Houston.
by the migster July 19, 2005
2 love H-town is 2 love postmodernity.
I love living in Houston.
by Rusty Halo January 10, 2006
A very large, hot, humid, sprawling, congested, multi-cultural, sophisticated, yet laid back city that doesn't take itself too seriously such as lesser cities like Dallas.
A place that newcomers claim to despise, but for some reason, stay put and keep coming in hordes.

A world class city for arts, entertaiment, sports, dining and more.

No place in America can you find so much for so little cost.
Houston is hot, humid, and the only place in America I want to be.
by rrsltx February 27, 2008
Houston, Texas is located 45 miles north of Galveston and the Gulf of Mexico. And high temperatures in the summer are usually in the mid-90s.

Dallas is 300 miles from the Gulf and hotter, and the people there are a whole lot less friendly.
What was the dude thinking who said Houston was 70 miles from Galveston and 120 degrees in the summer??
by the migster April 26, 2006
A Great city. Art, rap, culture. Very conveiniently located, only about 70 miles from Galveston (A Barrier Island in the Gulf of Mexico, popular tourist location), and is home of Elington Feild, and N.A.S.A. The First words from the moon where heard here. Major industries include oil and petrochem, but just about anything can make money here. Untill October 2005, we had an amusement park, named "Six Flags Astroworld", located right across the way from the Astro Dome. Did I mention that we had the first Dome-Stadium? New Orleans and the rest copied us. As a legal citizen of Houston, I can say that Houston is a very LARGE city, always with somthing going on. ZZ Top was started here. The word "Houston" is often used to discribe the downtown, but the city encompasses many, "Sub-cities", such as Humble, Kingwood, parts of the Woodlands, and more cities to the west. Contrary to popular belief, Texas is NOT all Desert, as shown in Western films. In fact, we have trees, bah, Forests all over. Because Houston is located near the Gulf of Mexico, the weather ususaly stays under 120 Ferenheit in the summer, and usualy never hits freezing.
Houston, Texas. Great city, slowly deteriorating.
by Un-1337 October 27, 2005
Houston, (pronounced Yew-Ston)is the best place to live in the world. Home of Beyonce,Mike Jones,Paul Wall, Chamillionaire, Bun B, Slim Thug, and countless other rappers. Also the starting place of ZZ Top. The first words from the moon were heard here. And the Medical Center is the best in the world. Living in Houston is the greatest.
1. The guy who said Houston sucks is a fanny.
2. Dallas and Austin ain't got nothing on Houston
by Daniel34 May 11, 2006
simply put the best city in the united states and the home to screwed and chopped. the rap scene is incredible with artists such as trae z-ro ugk suc and etc that buck the trend and rap about life instead of cars money an women. also known as h town screwston hustle town
holla from the southside of houston.
by lisa marie m August 04, 2007
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