when you drink red bull and get high and drunk (crunk) all at once. Its like crunk and a half.
Damnn Simeon you gotta stop housing before you pass out.

Tzolov was at a catch phrase party this weekend but he was bored so he just started housing and then the cops showed up and arrested him for pretending he was a jedi in the street.
#house #housing #partying #houseing #drunk
by M ike April 27, 2008
Top Definition
When one wears their shorts or pants around their ass instead of around their waist. This is viewed, by society, as a practice worn by the younger "hip-hop" generation.
Lamar and Keyshawn were housing their shorts before the basketball game started.
#low-rise #sag #falling off #new-age #trendy
by Alan J S May 06, 2006
1 an underground term for House dancing
2 a DJ throwing down House beats
3 active participation in a House music event
1 another word for clothing or gear for your body
We're going Housing tonight.
Damn, the DJ is Housing.
You're wearing tight Housing.
#housing #house #dancing #music #dj #fit mix #fit #mix #clothing #gear #club
by CuteGirlGenius September 23, 2013
The act of wrapping a woman in typical carpet material and having sex with her through a hole in the back. For perfecting Housing use beer and food stained carpeting from the attic.
I was just Housing a chick when the telephone rang.

The Housing was fun but all the carpet slag got in my urethra.

I wish my floors weren't solid wood, I could go for some Housing.
#eat #sex #fuck #carpets #carpet #dinner #shit #ass #fucking
by Drimicus August 02, 2008
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