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Noun: A woman with pussy lips for eyelids. Often times when a woman with Pussy Eyes cries, a small secretion of pussy juice drips out rather than tears.
Dude I can't tell if she's crying or ejaculating out of her face! Damn "Pussy Eyes"...

Brian: Hey man check out that chick, shes totally got pussy eyes!
Juan: I know, I could fuck those eyes all day.
Brian: By the end of the day I'll be ejaculating all over her brain...
by Drimicus August 03, 2008
A very kinky sexual act. Taco Belling consists of strapping a cow bell to a womans taco and fucking her in the ass. To get the perfect Taco Belling experience, make sure your dick is between 7 and 19 inches long. When done right, the woman should moo like a cow and shake her ass around sounding the cow bell.
Dude I was totally Taco Belling with my girlfriend last night!

When I was Taco Belling with this hot milf she started mooing like a cow and sounded her bell with satisfaction!
by Drimicus August 02, 2008
N: A woman usually infected with the growth of a penis. Usually this penis is embedded within the vagina, thus providing eternal sexual satisfaction. Also, see Horse Woman.

Native to America, the common Cave Donkey will usually come out at night in search of food or drink. Do not go near a Cave Donkey, they will often times confuse you for beer or maybe even a vibrator.

Info: The common Cave Donkey usually stands between 5'6" and 8'4". They may weigh anywhere between 95 to 350 lbs.
-Commonly seen on side streets or dark alleyways. Or anywhere in New York and Chicago.
Yo, she's totally a Cave Donkey.

Dude, you gonna go ask that Cave Donkey to dance?
Nah, I'd rather get punched in the ass by Rambo.

That Cave Donkey is shitting on my newspaper!

Tell Toby Kieth to keep his Cave Donkey in line!
by Drimicus August 03, 2008
Slang for slurping on a pussy with which the pussy juice and a little fecal matter mix.
Jack: Dude I totally banged this chick last night!
Tarzan: Wow, awesome dude.
Jack: Yea it was pretty intense...I may have been Eating the Cheese a little, though.
by Drimicus August 02, 2008
The act of wrapping a woman in typical carpet material and having sex with her through a hole in the back. For perfecting Housing use beer and food stained carpeting from the attic.
I was just Housing a chick when the telephone rang.

The Housing was fun but all the carpet slag got in my urethra.

I wish my floors weren't solid wood, I could go for some Housing.
by Drimicus August 02, 2008
An action used by humans to impress members of the opposite sex. Often times, an intimidated human male will offer his mate the Googly Eyes with hopes of sex or an extreme handjob by a female.

Female Definition: The Googly Eyes given to men by females often times represents a lack luster offer to fuck. A laughable female dance provided to an unexpected male. In a return a male will usually act unnoticed.
Dan: Hey Steve guess what?
Steve: Dude, whats up?
Dan: Totally give a chick the googly eyes yesterday. We fucked all night and then proceeded to have more sex after she gave me an extreme handjob.
Steve: Wow, that's incredible! I'm going to try it on our waitress!

Janice: Laura I gave a guy the googly eyes before and he just looked away!
Laura: That's because your ugly and I just had sex with him 12 minutes ago!
by Drimicus August 02, 2008

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