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A ho that is in your house when you wake up, and when you go to bed. She also walks around without shoes, which stinks up the whole fucking place.
Did you see her walking around here without shoes? Who does she think she is our House ho?!
by McNasty17 March 15, 2010
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When you successfully turn a Ho into a housewife
Dude A: "Hey man, how did turn your broad from a Ho into a housewife?"
Dude B: "Brah, she is still a Ho, but now that she's my wife, she a House Ho!"
by GlazeHer October 13, 2013
The fat bitch who don't get to leave the place because she ugly but she is who to fuck, when the main bitch is gone. Then She end up on The Jerry springer show.
tay is like a moped, fun to ride but don't let his ho seanika see that house ho thinks she is the main bitch
by Pradaboii July 14, 2011

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