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Using back of hand to high five
What's better than a high five?? Back five...Invented circa 1981 by the one and only "mike nyce"
by Mike nyce December 20, 2014
When someone offers up a high five and you give them the back of your hand instead of the palm. Could also be described as a "half a five."
A team scores and some dude says "high five man!" then as you are giving the high five turn your hand around to give the "back five." Maybe because you want to be cool with that person (not leave them hanging) but you're just not into it - it's like a weak high-five or a half-high-five.
by gczombie January 09, 2014
Backhand someone across the face.
The pimp raised his hand to the hooker and proceeded to back-five her across her face till she was able to pay him the allotted amount of cash.

The back of the pimps hand was sore from giving out so many back-fives.
by Bitch Fantastic May 09, 2014
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