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a better version of burned or raped. originated in Douglas,MA
guy 1:"What did she say when you asked her out?"
guy 2:"no"
guy 1:"trucked!"
by thenameisjes December 28, 2008
A replacement word for "fucked". Normally used to describe a person being plowed with an abnormally large penis with the a lot of force.
Yo I trucked that bitch last night.
by a random king January 22, 2011
Term to describe your ex-girlfriend's distraught emotional state after you break up with her
A: Have you seen your ex lately?
B: Yeah.. Dude she's so trucked..
by Ragpappy May 24, 2010
When, on a two lane highway, one 18 wheeler decides to pass a fellow truck. This results in you getting stuck behind a slow moving vehicle that takes forever to get back in the right lane
That cement mixing truck just put on his turn signal to get into our lane--better hurry up and pass him or we'll be trucked.
by mr.maddog April 02, 2011
To be so exhausted you feel as though you have been hit by, or run over by, a large truck.
Man I worked three shifts back-to-back, I feel so totally trucked.
by Sweet Jane May 18, 2010
So ugly you cant help but think trucking accident.
Guy1: Holy Jesus, did you see the lady at the checkout?
Guy2: She was totally Trucked
Guy1: Double fucking fendered
by Steve Greene March 02, 2006
In the game of lacrosse, when a player gets checked with excessive force and thus creates a crowd sensation of "OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH!"
by Stickz February 21, 2005
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