It's just a store that sells clothes to teenagers.
- Yes, some of the items are overpriced
- They actually do have some good band t-shirts
- It does NOT make you "emo" if you shop there
Abercrombie, American Eagle, Hot topic, their all just stores, it doesn't make you a prep if you shop at abercrombie or a emo if you shop at hot topic
by Jersey Kid February 02, 2008
just a clothing store, people say it's for posers but it's no different from any other store. all kinds of different people shop there. i go there for the band shirts but they are a little over priced.
"let's go to hot topic to get some cool
band shirts."
by Devastatin' Dave August 10, 2004
All you people that are calling Hot Topic a "poser" store are FUCKED! There is no way a store can b a "poser" because if that store is "poser" than I guess all stores are "poser." So that means we are all "posers". Hot Topic is just a store where people go 2 spend cash, buy cds, and clothes.
Oh look.. Its Hot Topic.
Yea.. That store is pretty cool.
by Mike January 04, 2004
A store that is found at malls. They have random accessories, a bunch of band t-shirts, pants, funny shirts, make up, underwear, hair coloring and cool shoes. Basically every thing a normal store would have. Many people think others shop here to try to be rebellious. Some losers do that, but others actually like what they sell and they shop there. Many parents are afraid of this store and think the people that are inside worship the devil. That's usually false.
"Let's go to Hot Topic."
"You faggot, shopping there and buying the same stuff everyone else buys from there is not being rebellious. Go die you queer."
"I'm not trying to rebel to anything, I seriously like the stuff they sell there, dumbass."
by LikeHeyItsTiff October 31, 2007
A topic that is hot.
The war in Iraq is a hot topic.
by morky October 26, 2006
A store that sells alternative clothing for punks/goths/emos. Which is funny because no real punk/goths (except the emos) shop at malls. Hot Topic also carries an over-abundance of Tim Burton merchandise, which can get annoying when seen too often.
When you go to Hot Topic, ask yourself; Do you really need a Jack purse with a Sally shirt and a Corpse Bride umbrella? While your at it, Buy a Jack Sparrow Thong!
by Lomia March 17, 2006
An alternative clothing and music store. Sells band shirts and CD's that don't fit with other stores, but most of which can be found at a local CD store(Though I doubt you'd find any Mindless Self Indulgence or The Missing CD's at Best Buy)
If often called a poseur store because of it's attraction to goth punk or other mainstream subcultures.
Pretty descent prices compared to other stores, but has alot of over-priced junk as well(Chained jeans, jackets and corsets)
A nice store. I go there for shirts, jackets, gloves, and sometimes CD's and pins.
Ooh, these are some cool looking pants.. What? $60 for a pair of chained jeans?! I'll just borrow a pair of my friends for N.E. Gods sake!

Friend 1: I went to Hot Topic this weekend and blew all my money on shirts..
Me: I like the clearence isle... I spent $16 dolars on three shirts and a pair of gloves!
by Tamerica January 31, 2006
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