This is an alternative term for a poop. Hotsnakes are usually avoided when walking in grass. They get their name because turds are usually warm (98 to 100 degress Fahrenheit upon exit) and will steam up on a cold day.
"Man, get outta the bathroom! I gotta drop a hotsnake!"
"watch your step, bro. There's hotsnakes all over here."
by T.J.760 September 28, 2006
Top Definition
The fecal matter typical of the morning after a heavy night of drinking. Resembles long thin coils of a snake and usually "hot" when coming out (think spicy food.)
Q: That was some night last night, eh?
A: Yeah, it was. But now I gotta drop some wicked hot snakes.
by Brenthew September 12, 2008
Human excrement. "Hot" comes from the usual 98.6 degree Fahrenheit temperature of the fecal matter. "Snakes" refers to the snake-like appearances of the bowel contents due to the shape it assumes in the intestines.
Tom: Hey dude, why did you break up with Angie?
Me: Well, we got all drunk and she asked me to drop hot snakes all over her face. I did, and now it is awkward."
by Taboo McNasty September 11, 2006
Fecal matter that has been kept in the bowels long enough to form a long, thick turd that stays in one piece.
Time to go awaken the hot snake...
by phubans August 16, 2006
cool or awesome, a more emphatic expression for Hot Shit.
That set was 'Hot Snakes'!
by Acorn254 November 04, 2006
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