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A process by which one defecates into a hat, and then places it either on his own head or that of another person.

Can be used in place of a Hot Carl when times are rough.
Now I owe Hammerstone 20 bucks, goddamn it! I borrowed his Cubs cap a few weeks ago and I was set to return it to him on Friday. But today at work, I had such a hankering for a Hot Carl that I couldn't wait until 5 o'clock to go home and get my cellophane, so I gave myself a Hot Hat.
by David B. Cool October 13, 2004
foundry speak. when a person uses a pig to dump molten metal onto another's head in retaliation for an offense that is very small (e.g. yawning)
Terry just beat solitaire, I'm gonna give him a fucking hot hat.
by fat jew April 15, 2005
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